Teesland Group and Teesland plc

Corporate development, private and public markets equity raising and corporate acquisitions.


  • Establishment of property fund manager to attract institutional equity and debt investment.
  • Raise public funds for co-investment in private investment vehicles and to establish European asset management platform.
  • Develop highly skilled fund and asset management team to provide investment opportunities and better returns for private investors.
  • Increase FUM to  improve public shareholder return.



  • Listed on the London Stock Exchange in August 2002 at 50p share price ultimately delivering £1.56 to takeover  in Jan 2007.
  • August 2000 FUM at £45m to £6.2bn by Jan 2007.
  • From initial 8 employees of Teesland Group in 2002 to 256 in 12 offices across UK/Europe by 2007.
  • UK Fund Osprey Limited Partnership top of AREF Balanced Funds Index over 1, 3 and 5 years.
  • UCT top performing institutional UK Student Accommodation Fund.